Defended theses

List of Doctor's Degree theses

Eeva-Gerda Kobrin (2016)


Development of Point of Care Applications for Capillary Electrophoresis

Supervisors: Mihkel Kaljurand; Maria Kuhtinskaja

Piret Saar-Reismaa (2020)


Analysis of Psychoactive Compounds in Oral Fluid by Capillary Electrophoresis

Supervisors: Maria Kulp; Jekaterina Mazina-Šinkar

Piia Jõul (2021)


Novel Analytical Procedures for Sample Preparation and Analysis of Environmentally Harmful Compounds
Supervisor: Maria Kuhtinskaja

List of Master's Degree theses

Olivia-Stella Salm (2022)


Characterization of Estonian woods using analytical methods combined with multivariate statistical techniques
Supervisors: Maria Kulp; Tiit Lukk

Khaled Waheeb Abdullah Al-shwafy (2022)

Optimization of Enzymatic Extraction and Purification of Ferulic Acid from Brewer’s Spent Grain
Supervisors: Maria Kulp; Aurore Richel

Adithya Raveendran Thottathil (2022)


Development of a fractionation strategy for a spent coffee ground-based biorefinery
Supervisors: Maria Kulp; Aurore Richel

Mareli Leemet (2021)


Isolation and determination of cannabinoids from industrial hemp


Supervisor: Maria Kulp

Relika Toome (2019)


Development of compensation algorithm for fluorescence inner filter effect in spent dialysate
Supervisors: Jürgen Arund; Maria Kulp

Oliver Simpson (2019)


Determination of ivermectin in soil by HPLC-MS method


Supervisors: Kristiina Leiman; Maria Kulp

Dmitri Pismennõi (2018)


Development of analytical method for determination of beta-lactam antibiotics in human plasma
Supervisor: Maria Kulp

Anastassia Tretjakova (2017)


Determination of drugs of abuse in saliva


Supervisor: Maria Kulp

Kristiina Leiman (2017)


Comparison of two separation methods for the determination of cannabinoids


Supervisor: Maria Kulp

Jekaterina Sedneva (2015)


Selective CE method with native fluorescence detection for analysis of cannabinoids in body fluid
Supervisor: Maria Kulp

Anne-Mari Pender (2015)


GC/MS/MS multimethod for determination of organic pollutants in water
Supervisor: Maria Kulp

Maria Fomitšenko (2013)


Determination of adenylate energy charge (AEC) in normal and cancer cells by different analytical methods
Supervisor: Maria Kulp

Tatjana Komissarova (2006)


Capillary electrophoretic analysis of phosphone compounds with contactless conductivity detection
Supervisor: Maria Kulp

Hanna Lang (2022)

Development of accelerated shelf-life testing methodology for sunflower oil-based potato chips
Supervisors: Kärt Saarniit, Maria Kuhtinskaja

Mann Vares (2021)


Quantitation of Cannabinoids using Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Supervisor: Aime Riikoja, Maria Kuhtinskaja

Piia Jõul (2015)

Development of analysis protocol for determination of sulfur mustard hydrolysis and oxidation products in seawater using capillary electrophoresis instrument
Supervisor: Maria Kuhtinskaja

Ave Saluvee (2014)


Investigation of non-covelent complexes of peptiides by ESI-MS method


Supervisor: Maria Kuhtinskaja


Simo Lõo (2014)


Validation of the HPLC method based on analyzing sugars and glycerol in alcoholic beverages
Supervisors: Maria Kuhtinskaja, Riin Rebane

Helen Kolde (2013)


Investigation of stability of Vinca alkaloids

Supervisors: Merike Vaher, Maria Kuhtinskaja

Klairy Palk (2010)


Analysis of fatty acids in rape extracts


Supervisor: Maria Kuhtinskaja