About Us


We are

Analytical chemistry laboratory at Tallinn University of Technology, Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology

We strive for excellence in

We are сonvinced that

Analytical testing—also known as materials testing—is pivotal for present-day scientific studies
By applying the optimal approaches and methodologies within a laboratory environment, analytical testing solves a number of unique challenges in complex focus areas
The accurate determination of chemical and biological properties can save lives—and change society for the better
Our mission

To provide our partners and customers with innovative and high-quality laboratory, research, and advisory services
To assists biotech, food, environmental, pharmaceutical companies, and research centers in product/technology development, safety assurance, and quality control
To share our knowledge providing teaching courses for students and laboratory personnel
Our research

Green Analytical Chemistry

Our research aims at the development and application of new, environmentally friendly, and reliable analytical techniques for environmental, food, biomass, forensic, and clinical analysis. For that, we utilize a wide range of instrumentation tools and technologies.

We strive to contribute to a safer and healthier world by promoting the Green Analytical Chemistry concept in our research. We develop analysis techniques and procedures to decrease or eliminate solvents, reagents, and other materials that are dangerous to the individual or the ecosystem and provide rapid and energy-saving methodologies. For that, we apply statistical experimental design (DOE) to decrease the number of experiments during the process optimization stage and develop non-destructive (sample preparation minimized or eliminated) cutting-edge analytical technologies, combined with chemometric tools (multidimensional data analysis and modeling), which are almost free of hazardous chemicals and wastes, fast and provide accurate, reliable and consistent results.

R&D projects

We conduct multidisciplinary R&D projects in collaboration with different research groups and companies and global partners.